What is explorevr?

An innovative 360 video platform that transforms viewers into explorers, guiding them on a virtual tour and showcasing places, spaces and events like never before!

Example of presenter in shot

The tour with more

We want to change the way you engage with video, transforming regular viewers, you and your customers into explorers.

Provide a 360° guided tour with a presenter and motion graphics to draw the viewers attention to anything you want them to see, whilst giving them the freedom to explore at their own pace.

Like you're there

We shoot your videos in 8K with a 6 camera setup giving your viewers the smoothest most life-like picture quality possible, in a full 360° view it’s so immersive it feels like you’re really there!

360 Degree Camera
Festival Tour

It's the future

360° video is the step above 360° photography, allowing you to capture the real feel of a place, with natural movement and real-life presenters who guide the viewer around the video, making it twice as engaging.

It's adaptable

It’s easy to update and edit the interactive information points, images and paths to other scenes whenever you like, for no extra cost.

Guidance icons
Integrated Google Analytics

It's measurable

explorevr has been integrated with Google Analytics, meaning you can track what your audience is engaging with by what they’ve clicked on and where they’ve explored most.

Examples of our work

Liberty Living

Created for Liberty Living, this virtual tour is lead by a student presenter, who guides us around his accommodation and facilities at Prospect Point in Liverpool. With pieces to camera from some of his fellow students explaining what it’s like to love with Liberty. The tour takes you from the foyer, through facilities and into rooms available to book.


Leeds Guide

This guide takes the viewer around different areas of Leeds, guided by our presenter, Oliver. You can explore each area at your own pace, using either the quick jump scene selector, or clicking the links within the video, and can find out snippets of information by clicking on the different points of interest. You can even watch a video within this video!


About Us

At exploreVR we provide engaging, exciting, cost-effective virtual tours that bring your spaces to life!

We’re a small but dedicated team with over 10 years experience in video production and customer engagement. Our focus has always been helping you connect with your customers through our products, services and expert knowledge, which is why we developed exploreVR.

Our 360 video team envisioned a ‘virtual tour with more’ which we exclusively built into some pretty sophisticated software. The addition of a top of the range 8k resolution camera in the hands of our experienced camera crew and a bit of creative thinking from our engagement experts, and exploreVR was born!

Why not contact us and find out how we can help you engage, excite and empower your customers?